Dressage ….

Laura Von Der Fecht is the dressage organiser. 

For any queries please contact her on 07940 263553

You can pay for dressage competition entries via Horse Monkey,

2019 Dates and Tests 

8th December @ Northop – Int B, P1, P2, N30, E49, M71

5th January Dressage Competition @ Maelor EC Tests: Intro A, P7, P14, N27, E42, M63, AM93

29th February Dressage Competition @ Maelor EC Tests: Intro B, P1, P2, N30, E50, M71, AM90

22nd March Dressage Competition @ Maelor EC Tests: Intro C, P13, P18, N28, E49, M63, AM93

19th April Dressage Competition @ Maelor EC Tests: Intro A, P7, P14, N27, E44, M71, AM90

Please could all competitors ensure they are using the correct tack for these competitions. We use BD tack rules so please check on their website for more details. Incorrect tack used for working in or competition will result in the rider being penalised.  Thanks.

Beginners Dressage…..                      The aim of  the beginners dressage is to encourage novice horse and rider combinations to ‘have a go at dressage’. The rider may be inexperienced at dressage or nervous or be getting to grips with a new horse. The horse may be young, inexperienced or require tack that is not allowed under normal dressage rules. Any tack can be used and a trainer/assistant/friend may help the rider through the test by commenting at the time. This class is not part of the overall points prizes at the end of the year as it is a stepping stone class and it would be hoped that the combination will soon move onto bigger and better things! It is only fair to other competitors that, once you have won this class 3 times, you must not compete again in the class as the same combination. Competitors in this class can only compete in the next prelim class.

In Summary: 

Any tack (for this class only) 

Outside assistance can be given

You can only enter the next prelim also, this is under riding club rules

3 wins and your combination is excluded

There are no points for this class as it is a training aid


Venue : Northop College – just off A55

All tests are 2002 to 2016 .  


BD rules apply in all classes except the first prelim which is a beginners class. 

Please note that the follow-on prelim is the only other class available to those entering the Beginners’ class.
Cancellations can be made up to and including the closing date with no loss of entry fee, these can be transferred to another date. Once times have been allocated, i.e. the Friday prior to the competition, no refunds will be made unless there is a waiting list for that particular test.

ECRC Members £10.00 per class , Non Members £15.00 per class 



Closing date: Wedesnday before competition

Times: Friday before competition on Horse Monkey

Please be aware that NO haynets are to be fed to horses in the lorry park and all droppings MUST be picked up. We have to clear the car park after events so please make it a little easier for us.  Thanks.